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Me on my classic snowmobile, Christmas 2017

My childhood was spent in Papua New Guinea, mainly in the highlands and the Huon Peninsula. I spent half my time there living in the tropical rain forest in a small village of approximately 50 people, living as a local. The other half my time was spent living in a town of around 1000 expatriates so I could attend a school. Holidays were passed at the coast, and days were spent either messing around in the rain forest, or riding motorbikes on the dirt roads that ran across the hills and valleys surrounding our town.

I moved to England when I was 16, and have lived in various areas: Sheffield, Kintyre, London, Torquay, Bristol, and now Cheltenham. I work in computers (SQL and VBA) and try to split my time between working, spending time at my cabin in northern Sweden, and travelling around Europe in my camper van.

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