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Goa, March 2006
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After our last holiday in Eastern Europe we were so cold we walked straight into a travel agents and asked if they had anywhere warm we could go for a week. We ended up booking Goa. It was the last week of the season, so shouldn't be too bad, yet still dry and warm. It was brilliant. Most people were friendly and didn't hassle us at all, but were as interested in just talking to us as selling us things. We hired a Hero 150 (a local copy of the Honda CG 125) for the week, and relaxed.

Our first day we spent wandering around Candolim where our hotel was.

The next day we walked the other way down the beach and road through Calangute and Anjuna

On the third day we just walked along the beach again, lazed by the pool, and went to a 'cultural evening' event. After the cultural evening, we found a restaurant where Karen got chatting with the owner, who turned out to be quite interesting, and invited us to be his guests the next night at a carnival evening he was hosting.

We visited a market on the 4th day (the last one of the season), the went our own ways for a bit: K went to have a massage, while I went off to take some photos. While riding along with no helmet (technically illegal, though everyone did it) I was flagged down by a policeman. I feared the worst, but he just hopped on the back of the bike, told me where to drop him, and fell asleep on my shoulder. I met back up with K to watch the sun set down the beach, then attended the carnival, where the owner refused to let us pay for anything.

A fair way inland are the 'famous' Dudhsagar waterfalls, so for the 5th day we decided to head in on the Hero and have a look. It was a slow, dusty ride fighting for roadspace with huge trucks carrying open loads of dusty gravel most of the way, fighting the small engine to overtake the trucks through the mini dust storms each truck created, winding through the hills. I loved riding a motorbike in Goa, but could see some finding it stressful. When we got back, coated with a layer of dirt, I decided to be spruced up, so went for a shave, while K took pictures.

After the stress of battling Indian traffic for several hours the day before we decided to have a look around a few towns, ending up at Panaji, before heading home for a meal in one of the few beach huts still open (we tried several over the trip, and would recomend them all).

For the last day we took the motorbike as far north as we could, and spent the day lazing in hammocks on the beach having fresh watermelon juice brought us, before heading to the season's last night market, then heading to pick up the clothes we had had tailor made.

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