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Cameron Highlands, Feb 22nd, 2011

The next morning we headed off to the Bukit Jalil bus station for our coach to the Cameron Highlands. Officially the buses should leave from the Puduraya bus station in the centre of KL, but it seems to have been 'undergoing renovation' for a few years, so instead you have to take the LRT out to Bukit Jalil and run the gauntlet of a few hundred ticket touts to find the right kiosk selling tickets to your destination. We went with the Kurnia Bistari Express company. The coach was not as salubrious as the Aerolines one, but it got us to the Highlands without breaking down and dropped us off in Tanah Rata. I had checked the TripAdvisor reviews on lots of the accomodation in Tanah Rata, and found that everything got completely mixed reviews. Some people raved about the quality of places, while others slated the same places as places to go only if hell had no rooms. We walked around and liked the looks of the Hillview Inn, which offered us a clean rooms with its own bathroom and balcony. If you looked right from the balcony, towards the town of Tanah Rata, the view was dominated by a large, derelict, building site, that has, by all accounts, been in the same state for over ten years. The view straight out, however, was of the hotel gardens and the hillside, covered by tropical trees and plants. We thought it was worth it, and enjoyes ourselves there.

The Cameron Highlands is famous for its strawberries and colonial English heritage. We walked via the road to one of its famous hotels, the Smokehouse, where we had afternoon tea with scones, homemade strawberry jam, and clotted cream in their traditional English country gardens. We then took trail 4, an easy, mostly paved walk through the bush, back to the hotel. On route we passed a church that had a stone frontage, but behind was an old, wartime, nissen hut, and the 'Parit waterfall'. The walk isn't worth doing to see the waterfall, as it is just a drop of a couple feet, but it is worth doing if you fancy a quiet stroll. We also passed a park where teenagers hung out on giant vegetables, and an old Toyota Land Cruiser. Again, I had to take a photo for a friend who has an obsession over old Toyotas.

That evening we headed down the main (practically only) road and picked one of the many local restaurants to eat at, then headed back to the hotel.

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