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Cameron Highlands, Feb 23rd, 2011
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Cameron Highlands, Feb 23rd, 2011

We got up early to get to TJ Nur Travel & Tours for our 1/2 day tour of the area. The trip we chose included a visit to the highest peak in the area, a short hike through the 'moss forest', a visit to a tea plantation, and a trip to a local butterfly farm (actually an insect & reptile display place). We were driven around in an old Landrover by a really great guide. He had perfect English, a really good knowledge of plants and animals, and a great sense of humour. The day was quite misty, so the views weren't amazing, but it did add to the ambience and remind me of my home in PNG. There were lots of pitcher plants in the forest, and the guide pointed them out, as well as teaching us about other plants we came across. The tea plantaion was interesting as well. The factory tour took all of 5 minutes, and the person giving the factory tour was unintelligible, but as our guide had already explained it to us while showing us around the tea 'fields' it didn't matter. I wasn't expecting much of the 'butterfly farm', but it was enjoyable. Lots of the beetles and insects were familiar to me from my childhood, but it was fun to see them again. K bravely held several of them including a non poisonous snake, and a poisonous scorpion.

That evening we ate in a 'steamboat' restaurant, where they bring you a little camping gas stove to the table, along with a saucpan full of boiling soup and several plates of raw ingredients. The idea is you add the ingredients as you wish to eat them, let them cook in the soup, then, after eating all the ingredients, you finally cook the noodles in the soup and drink the soup with the noodles. It was, I think, the most expensive meal of the trip (I think it came to £5 each with drinks), and I probably wouldn't bother doing it again, but you have to try these things.

We had another restaurant cook us some roti canai with sliced bananas in for breakfast and lunch the next day, as we were going to be spending the day travelling to Pulau Pangkor.

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