Singapore & Malaysia, 2011 - Ferry Journey and Pulau Pangkor, Feb 24th, 2011


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Ferry Journey and Pulau Pangkor, Feb 24th, 2011

Another early morning, and we walked down through Tanah Rata to the coach terminus. We got another delapidated Kurnia Bistari Express bus to Ipoh, where we had a mad rush to catch the bus that went between the bus staions (there are two main ones in Ipoh) that was pulling out as we pulled in. Our coach driver was really helpful, and ran after it and stopped it while we got our bags off. We got to the other Ipoh bus station and found the bus to Lumut doesn't leave from the station itself, but just outsde it. Another mad dash got us to the site behind the Shell petrol station the coach leaves from, and we got tickets and jumped on just as it left. The coach was quite a local bus, and stopped anywhere to pick up or drop people off. It seemed we had got on at the same time that the local schools finished, so the journey took hours as it had to stop every few hundred metres to drop off or collect school kids.

We finally arrived at Lumut, found the ferry terminal and got return tickets. There are two ferry companies, it seems, so we picked one at random as they both leave at the same time. We had just missed one, so we had a half hour wait, before skillfully getting on the wrong company's ferry. As the guy taking the tickets said, though, there was no difference and his ferry was as good as the other one, so he happily let us on. The scenery is good on the ferry ride, and it is worth getting on the open air deck for a better view.

On arrival at Pangor town (the second stop on the ferry) we caught one of the many pink minivan taxis across the island to Teluk Nipah, where we had planned to stay. After checking out several of the cheap and mid range options, we decided to hang the expense and get another taxi up to the Pangor Island Beach Resort. The hotel was, it must be said, amazing, in a beautiful private bay, surrounded by lush tropical rainforest. We booked in for one night, had a swim in the sea and in one of the pools, had dinner under the palm trees, and promptly went back to reception and booked in for an extra two nights.

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