Belize, 2014


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Belize, 2014
Getting to Hopkins, 24th to 25th Jan
Around Hopkins 26th January
Around Hopkins, 27th January
Around Hopkins, 28th January
San Ignacio and Caraco, 28th to 29th January
Around San Ignacio, 30th January
The Hummingbird Highway and Hopkins, 31st Jan
Big Falls, 1st to 2nd Feb
Big Falls, 3rd Feb
Big Falls and Placencia, 4th Feb
Hopkins and the Coastal Road, 5th Feb
Belize Zoo, 6th Feb
Coastal Highway and Hopkins, 7th Feb
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I had problems trying to decide what to do for a holiday this year. I wanted somewhere warm, with beaches, but also with lots to do, and motorbikes to ride. I toyed with the idea of some Caribbean islands, but none were big enough to warrant a motorbike, and I couldn't find anywhere that rented proper motorbikes as opposed to scooters. I looked at renting bikes and riding the road to Machu Picchu, but that didn't give the relaxing side of the holiday I wanted. Eventually I found Alternate Adventures in Belize; did a bit of Googling, bought a lonely planet, sold Karen on the idea, and bought tickets.

A while later I discussed it with a couple friends: Nathan, a friend from my childhood in Papua New Guinea, who now lives in Texas, and Nick, Karen's brother. Both loved the idea as well, and joined in.

The plan was simple. Alternative Adventures is based in Hopkins, a small town on the coast of Belize, about half way down the country. Hopkins was only a fishing village a few years ago, and has not grown big enough to lose its charm (at the time of writing). It is touristy enough to have lots of places to stay, and lots of good places to eat, but not so much so that the high rise concrete blocks and package tour buses have come yet. We would hire the bikes in Hopkins, spend a couple days acclimatising, then head West to the San Ignacio area for a couple days, then South to the Toledo are for a while, and see what time we had left after that.

We contacted Emma of Alternate Adventures, booked the bikes, booked three nights' accommodation at the Tipple Tree Beya Guesthouse, and dreamed of sunshine and dirt roads.

Sunrise at HopkinsCaracol - Mayan TempleMotorbikes, Karen and the Coastal Highway




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