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Getting to Hopkins (Jan 25th, 2014)

Karen, Nick and I flew to Dallas, where we overnighted at Nate's parents house. They collected us, fed us, entertained us, let us take over their spare bedroom and living room, then fed us again in the morning and returned us to the airport. Thanks all y'all!

In the morning we met up with Nathan and got on the plane to Belize. Our flight from the UK had been quite empty, but we weren't so lucky on this flight, where pretty much every seat was taken. We landed OK, and walked across the tarmac at Goldson International Airport, getting under shelter just in time to avoid a huge tropical downpour. It took a while to get through immigration, but only a couple of minutes to walk around the airport once inside, and find where our next flight left from.

The next flight was a 10 (?) seater Cessna. K, who isn't a good flyer, was petrified, but fortunately was looked after by the lady who sat next to her, and kept her chatting the 15 minute flight to Dangriga. At Dangriga there were taxis waiting for the plane, so we hopped aboard one, and 30 minutes and US$50 later, we were dropped off at Tipple Tree Beya, in Hopkins.

A little more should be said about the roads, as they will feature a lot more later. The paved highways are good quality, with some pot holes and speed-bumps (some signed, some not). The rest of the roads are, shall we say, variable. The road from the highway into Hopkins was pretty rough, although they were repairing it the entire time we were there, and it did end up pretty smooth. The road in Hopkins has some smooth bits, but is mainly potholes strung together with the occasional speed bump thrown in.

Trish from Tipple Tree Beya met us at the door, and showed us to our lovely rooms, which opened onto a wooden deck, and then the beach. I think we pretty much claimed a hammock each straight away, and worked hard at relaxing, while Trish answered our questions about the local area.

After a local dinner in a local restaurant, which we all enjoyed very much, we went to bed early, and slept as well as we could, jet lag and local cockerels permitting.



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