Belize, 2014 - Big Falls and Placencia, 4th Feb


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Big Falls and Placencia (4th February)

After having breakfast, settling the bill, watching the hummingbirds and saying goodbye to new friends, we set off north again, destination Placencia. After filling up near Independence (190 kms), we stopped in Placencia and sent Karen to find us somewhere to stay. We ended up with two rooms on the top floor of the Cozy Corner, right on the beach. We had a wander around, had ice cream at Tutti Frutti, then ate at a new Chinese/Japanese restaurant near the Purple Space Monkey bar. Maybe it is just us, but no matter how beautiful Placencia is, to me it had become too touristy. It hadn't completely turned to Florida, but as someone else said, give it a few years and it would be. It was almost at the stage where it could have been any beach destination catering to western tourists. Brilliant if that is what you want, but not quite what we were looking for.



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