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Belize Zoo (6th February)

Next day we woke up, and enjoyed a breakfast of fresh banana bread and fruit, before heading the mile up the road to the zoo for opening time. Apparently the animals are much more active during the earlier parts of the day, so getting there when they first open means seeing more of the animals. None of us had planned to go to the zoo originally, it was just looked a good destination to fill the time we had remaining, but we all really enjoyed it, much more than we thought we would. Everywhere we had been we had seen vultures soaring majestically over the forests, but here we could see them close up. We also got to see tapirs, monkeys, toucans, gibnuts (so that is what I was eating!), and multiple members of the cat family, including Junior, a young jaguar who had been born in captivity, and who played ‘sleepy kitty’ for us for a while.

We headed back to the guest house for the afternoon. Nathan and Karen rested while Nick and I had a wander round the nature trail they have provided. It was quite interesting to see a completely different landscape than we were used to so far, with grasslands replacing the rainforest that we were more used to, but it was mainly just a pleasant stroll.

Then, after another meal at Cheers, we headed back to the zoo for 7PM, as we had booked a night tour when we were there earlier. We were given a guide and a bucket of bits of bananas, and then headed off into the zoo again. First stop was the tapirs, where we could feed them and scratch their backs. Indie was most pushy, but we also got to meet Bullet Head, named because he was rescued after hunters had shot him in the head and made him blind. The guide took us around some of the rest of the animals, and was quite knowledgeable, recognising individual animals by their calls. We also fed the gibnuts (made a change from them feed us) and then went round the cats. The Ocelot and Margay were cool, but the black jaguar was quite scary, as even when he was beside you (on the other side of a fence, fortunately) he was invisible in the dark, and was completely noiseless as he padded along; stalking the bucket of chicken bits the guide was carrying. Then we met Junior again, and got to stroke his paw that he put partially through the fencing while eating.

All in all in was a really good day, and I would recommend both a day and night visit.



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