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Belize, 2014
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Going Home and Highlights
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Going home and Highlights

Nathan was feeling a bit better the next morning, after dosing himself up on Pepto-Bismol the night before, but after breakfast at Tina’s (again served by the lovely Ruth), Karen suddenly had to run to the toilet. We dosed her with Pepto-Bismol as well, and hoped for the best as we had quite a lot of travelling ahead of us. Fortunately, after the taxi arrived, no one seemed to have any issues, and we made it home safely (apart from Nathan’s bag, which turned up a while later, with most of the things he had bought to take home broken).

So, did we enjoy it? Yes, I think we all did, although some of us found some bits more challenging than others. We loved the country, and the people blew us away. Everyone was friendly and helpful, and didn’t seem to expect anything back from us. The only people who asked us for money were young children who were allegedly collecting for the school/basketball team/whatever (the reason varied through their story), but never in a pushy way, and when we said no, they happily went away. After we saw some of them buying ice creams not long after they had been asking us for money, we asked them if they were spending the money people had donated to them, but they claimed that most have been their brothers, not them. It was all quite fun and innocent. It was easy to see why people come, fall in love with the place, and end up staying and setting up a guest house / motorbike rental shop / film studio or whatever. If I could think of something I could do, I would have been tempted myself.

Karen’s highlight, apart from the people, was the zoo, surprisingly for someone who isn’t an animal lover. She found the off road sections of the ride challenging, to say the least, but did admit that she was proud to have done it all.

My highlight was different. I left my ‘home’ country when I was sixteen, before I got to do a lot of the things I had looked forward to for several years. I never got to ride my motorbike to one of the big towns with my friends, as I left before I was legal to ride on the roads, for example. I felt I had finally accomplished a lot of them, but also more, I had found a bit of my childhood that I missed, and that I thought had gone: an unhurried life, riding motorbikes to interesting places with good friends. In fact it almost felt like I was home.

Total distance done by motorbike: approx. 1325 kms (823 miles).

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