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Around Hopkins (Jan 26th, 2014)

Next day I woke up early courtesy of the cockerels and jet lag, but had no complaints as the sunrise was beautiful. I took my Kindle with me, and my head torch, and read till the light was right for photos, at which point I got up, pocketed my Kindle, squatted down to take a photo, and broke the screen of my Kindle. Hurrah! The photos I got were worth it though. Nick and Nate came out, as well, and joined me in my early morning sun worshiping ritual.

I woke Karen up around 8, and we wandered the 100 yards or so down the beach to the Sandy Beach Cooperative for breakfast. The ladies there fed and watered us well, with our first Belizean breakfast: eggs, refried beans, fried jacks (a local bread like product, very tasty) and fresh tropical fruit. just two meals in, and our plan to loose weight this holiday had already evaporated in the morning sunshine.

After a lazy breakfast, and a lazy stroll back up the beach, we lazed in the hammocks a bit longer, before walking through the village to Alternate Adventures, where we met Emma, the owner of the business, and our Meilun ML200GY-5 motorcycles, which we had booked for the next ten days.

After getting the essentials out the way (payment and licenses) we lazily discussed plans of where we could visit. Even though we had a fair idea of where we wanted to go after reading the Lonely Planet, it is good to remember the guide books only contain a few of the places there are, and that a 'local' opinion is just as useful. Emma circled a few things on the map, and gave us a few other suggestions, after which we lazily wandered over the road (I think you get the idea - we didn't rush much this holiday!) and had lunch.

That afternoon we spent in the local are getting used to the bikes and roads. It was Karen's first time of being a pillion on dirt roads, and Nick's first time riding a motorbike on them, although Nick took to it quicker than Karen. His experience of riding lots of different motorbikes in the UK, and doing a fair bit of mountain biking stood him in good stead, and he was soon off with Nathan, splashing through puddles and racing through potholes. I took it much easier, as with a pillion neither of you can stand up, and every bump is felt much more. But Karen soon mastered her fear, although I don't think she ever quite got over it.

After an evening meal at another restaurant, we spent the evening swaying in the hammocks to the gentle sea breeze, listening to the sound of the surf, and catching up, before heading to bed early.



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