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Around Hopkins and the Mayflower Bocawina National Park (Jan 27th, 2014)

Another early morning, and another glorious sunrise. I wasn't glad when the cockerels woke me up, but I was glad when i got outside with my camera. By the way, don't let all the talk of cockerels put you off. I am a light sleeper in the mornings, and the jet lag didn't help. After another photo session, and another visit to the ladies of the Sandy Beach Cooperative, we took the bikes the few miles up the road to the Mayflower Bocawina National Park, where we planned to visit everything, starting with the Thousand Foot waterfall. We passed a few old stone walls, apparently left over from the times of Mayan temples, but nothing that impressive. The walk to the top of the falls, though, was impressive, showing us all just how unfit we had become. We made it to the top, though, and rested while taking in the views. We then carried on the few yards further to the swimming hole. The water is clear and cool, but the rocks are sharp on the feet. I went in and had a lovely refreshing swim, and Karen paddled in it, but 'the boys' stayed on dry ground.

After the exhaustion of the walk to the top of the Thousand Foot falls, we decided to skip the other two falls, and just do the walk to the stela (a carved standing stone). The walk was interesting, but the stela was a bit of a let down on what we were expecting, and when we got back to the bikes Nathan couldn't find his camera, which he had last had at the stela, so he and I went back to look for it. We were only a couple of yards from the stela when Nathan remembered where he had put it, and that it had been in his bag all along. In punishment I sacrificed him to the Mayan gods as best as I knew how on a stone slab in front of the stela.

We rode back home, and had a meal in a Chinese restaurant, where Nathan borrowed my camera for a few portrait shots. Then again it was back for an early night. The next day we would start our adventure for real.



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