Belize, 2014 - Around San Ignacio, 30th January


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Around San Ignacio, Cahal Pech and Xunantunich (30th January)

The next dawned lovely and warm (for us Brits), but freezing cold for the Texan, so Nathan warmed up with a hot chocolate for breakfast (along with the eggs, fried jacks, refried beans and fruit), before we headed off on a more tarmac orientated day.

On the hill above San Ignacio is Cahal Pech, a small Mayan site, which we visited before going on to Xunantunich, a bigger site half way between San Ignacio and the Guatemalan border. Both were worth a visit, and we ate a picnic lunch sat on top of one of the buildings at Xunantunich, looking over into Guatemala one direction, and across Belize towards the coast the other. After a quick ride up to the border, we returned to San Ignacio where again, the evening was spent eating dinner served by the lovely Dora, a wander around the town, and then swinging in the hammocks.



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