Belize, 2014 - The Hummingbird Highway and Hopkins, 31st Jan


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The Hummingbird Highway and Hopkins (31st January)

We took the road back to Hopkins (the Hummingbird Highway) much slower than when we headed up to San Ignacio, stopping at a few places on the way.

The first stop was the St Herman's Blue Hole national park, where we had a look around St Herman's Cave, and then rode to the Blue Hole itself, a mile up the highway. When we got there we found it full of American kids, who were on a 'do-good' trip helping build a hospital, or school or something similar. Still, the Blue Hole itself was quite cool. it is a cenote, or an underground tunnel that the roof has fallen in on, leaving water bubbling up through the bottom of the hole, flowing out of the pool, then off into another cave.

We then carried on to Kropfs bakery, where we had cookies and yogurt, then on to Cafe Casita De Amour, which the guide book makes a big fuss of. We didn't find it that exciting, apart from as somewhere to stop for Karen to have another cup of tea, and Nathan to pass out from exhaustion.

After refilling the bikes again just before Hopkins (155kms), we dropped the bikes off with Emma at Alternate Adventures for her to oil the chains and check them over, and for us to book them right up to the last day of our holiday. We were lucky to get accomodation at such late notice, but Emma rang round and found us a couple rooms at the Seagulls Nest. Maybe we had been spoilt by Tipple Tree Beya, but we didn't enjoy Seagulls Nest as much. Everything was OK, but just not as spotless and well kept as we found Tipple Tree to be. Nick and Nate had to share a bed, which they didn't mind too much (being great friends by this point), but in the morning they found they had shared it with a bug of some sort, which left them covered in lumps for the rest of the trip. We didn't mind the sand flies on the beach (and most places raked the sand which kills the eggs apparently), and we could cope with the mosquitoes, but whatever bit Nick and Nate there, and the little black fly that ripped our legs to pieces at one five minute stop by the side of the road were awful.



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