Belize, 2014 - Big Falls, 3rd Feb


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Big Falls (3rd February)

We had another great night's sleep at the Lodge, and while at breakfast booked our rooms for yet another night, as we still hadn't seen much of the area. We spent that day investigating a few local sites, starting with Nim Li Punit (another Mayan archeological site), then along a dirt road to Lubaantun, which we seemed to agree was our favourite site so far. I am glad we visited the bigger sites, but they seemed more fake somehow than Lubaantun, which was still quite unrestored. While we were there there was a big downpour of rain, so we got talking to the person in charge of the site, a very interesting man called Santiago. He was a Mayan, who had been heavily involved in the original excavation of the site in the early 70s (74, I believe). After the excavation finished, he left, but was contacted a year later and ask to work at the site. He didn't push himself on us, but had lots of information he was happy to share when he saw our interest.

After a while he took us into his office, and showed us some of the clay figurines Lubaantum is famous for that they have found in ditches, streams, and while clearing the undergrowth off the site. He played a clay whistle that was over 1300 years old, and then, when he saw our interest, showed us some replicas he had made himself, one of which now sits above my desk, and another is in Texas with Nathan. He is well worth spending time with.

We then rode back towards Punta Gorda, to find the IXCACAO Maya Belizean Chocolate 'factory'. When we got there they were just closing, having had a very busy day, and having sold out of most things. They showed us the cocoa trees, and had a quick chat with us, but they did stress they only work on a pre-booking system. We were grateful for the time they did spend with us, and found it interesting, even though it was brief.

We then rode back to the Lodge, making sure we got back in the daylight, then headed to Coleman's Cafe again for another great meal.



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