Cyprus, 2004


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It all began when a small travel towel arrived in the post with a cheque attached, and a note saying ‘go on holiday’. I considered looking for snow in my Niva. The Alps were too far to attempt in it until I have sorted the leaking radiator hoses, Scotland was forecasted to have a heat wave, so I decided to look further a field. I walked into the travel agents, told them the price limit, and my requirements, and watched them scratch their heads. “You want a holiday to somewhere where you can hire a 4 wheel drive vehicle and drive some dirt roads?” With those vague instructions Elizabeth did a half hours searching, and came up with a week in Cyprus, based in Paphos driving a Suzuki Vitara. When I got to work the next day I started reading the Rough Guide to Cyprus. It kept saying such things as “the road here deteriorates and the next 50 kilometres are passable only by a 4x4”. I got more and more interested, so searched the web for ‘Cyprus off road’. The first site I looked at said “Off roading is not something you normally associate with the Greek Islands, however Cyprus is different’. This got me very excited. I packed my bags, headed off to London, and spent a day looking at maps, reading the guidebooks, having saunas and drinking beer, courtesy of my brother. Every one should have a brother in London. It makes it very handy for the airports. I worked out when I would have to get up to get to Heathrow in time to coach over to Gatwick, and realised it would be a 4am start. This didn’t enthral me quite so much, yet I thought it better to do this rather than risk getting a taxi. Last time I got a taxi to Gatwick at that time in the morning the driver had been on since midday the day before and kept falling asleep. Dying on the way to a holiday does seem to be a waste. Much better on the way home, or while doing some amazing stunt on the last day of the holiday.



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