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This website uses Joomla, a web based CMS system, with several add-ons. The photos are displayed using sigplus Image Gallery, which uses a text file called labels.txt stored in the folder with the photos to display titles and descriptions of the images in the folder. This requires the person adding the photos to create the labels.txt file, typing out the filenames of all the images, and a title and a description for them. I thought there had to be an easier way of doing it, so looked around for a program that would create the file, but couldn't find one. So I wrote one for myself, and thought I would share it with anyone else who may find it useful.

You can download labelsTXT creator under the download menu on the left. Unzip the file and run setup.exe to install it.

Once installed, click labelsTXT creator on your menu to start the program.

The interface is simple. Use the 'browse' button to select the folder you wish to create or update a labels.txt file in. The box immediately under the browse button displays the chosen path, and the box under that displays the image names. The first image is automatically selected, and will be displayed on the image pane on the right of the screen.

If there is an existing labels.txt file, any existing titles or description will be displayed in the title and description box under the image. To edit them, simply click in the relevant box and make your changes, before moving to the next image by either using the back and next buttons, or by clicking on the filename.

If there is no existing labels.txt file, the title and description fields will be empty, but you can enter the information in the same way.

sigplus Image Gallery allows the creation of a default title and default description that will be displayed with any images that are not assigned a specific title or description. Enter these details in the Default Title and Default Description boxes.

Clicking 'Save' writes the information to the labels.txt file. NOTE: The file is not created or updated unless the save button is clicked. If you close the program without clicking it, all your work will be lost. I recommend clicking it regularly throughout your work to be safe.

When you are done, and you have clicked save to save your changes, either click 'browse' again to select the next folder, or click the 'close' button to exit the program.

Currently labelsTXT Creator only works with jpeg files. Other image files will not be recognised. I will address this in a later release.

LabelsTXT Creator currently should work with files with extensions ".jpg", ".JPG", ".png", ".PNG", "jpeg", "JPEG", "gif", "GIF", "tif", "TIF", "tiff", "TIFF", "bmp", "BMP", "webp", "WEBP", but I have not tested some of these formats. If you come across any issues with any of these formats, or want other formats adding, let me know.

Known issues:
When editing a caption, the cursor goes to the end of the text after each character is entered.

No warranty is given with this software. It is released under the GNU/GPL licensing model.

If you have any queries or comments, please feel free to add them below.

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